AJ Lee Thinks WWE Wanted To Use Her As Trainer Until She Proved Her Promo Ability

Posted By James Walsh on 11/23/21

In a recent interview on State of Mind with Maurice Bernard, AJ Lee (aka AJ Mendez) discussed thinking she would be put in a trainer role in WWE, how her promo ability led to her connection with the fans, and much more. Here’s what she had to say (via Fightful):

AJ Lee on not having the traditional WWE look when she was hired by the company and thinking she would be put in a trainer role: “Yeah. I mean, especially when I started, it was like, the prototype was Pamela Anderson. That’s what the women looked like, or familiar with Chyna? It was like you had to be an Amazon woman or a sexpot, and I’m neither. I also paid to try out, which is such a gimmick, but it worked. I got hired. I don’t think it was supposed to. I don’t think I was supposed to succeed. I think I was, you know, good in the ring, and I was supposed to train other girls that were way hotter to go to TV, and then I just got really lucky where I got popular with the fans.”

On how her promo ability led to her connection with the fans: “It was the first day, they called me into the — there were like three rings in three rooms and we’re running spots, and I can run a spot. I am fine in the ring. But they called me into one of the rooms. They’re like, ‘Cut a promo’. I was like, ‘I thought we were doing that on Wednesday?’ They’re like, ‘Cut a promo right now on the spot. You just have to make it up.’ I didn’t have anything planned. so I was just like — I went into a heel character, like the bad guy character. I was just a dick, and it worked. That’s my natural instinct. So that was kind of what got me over with the fans was I looked like them and this is the first time they could see themselves represented on screen. Just like, I was like an average chick. I was like, a fan could make it into the ring. That connected us.”