Jonathan Gresham Discusses How He Learned About Ring of Honor’s Hiatus, His Loyalty To ROH

Posted By James Walsh on 11/23/21

In a recent interview with Fightful, Jonathan Gresham discussed the impact Ring of Honor has had on his wrestling career, how he learned about ROH’s hiatus, and much more. Here’s what Gresham had to say:

Jonathan Gresham on the impact Ring of Honor has had on his wrestling career: “It definitely has been a huge part of my life and it changed my life. I was on a different path and a different road, getting in trouble, and then I found Ring of Honor. I was already wrestling, but I found Ring of Honor and I became obsessed. I truly believe to change someone’s direction in life, they have to find something they are obsessed with and that gets them off the bad road. That’s what happened with me and Ring of Honor. To be in a position I’m in now is almost full circle. Win or lose, I have accomplished more than my dream. I didn’t really know (Final Battle ROH World Title match). The office likes to let you know of the possibilities, but nothing is in stone because that’s wrestling. For a while, it was, ‘we’re thinking of moving int his direction.’ ‘Great.’ The whole Pure Title thing was happening, I dropped the belt at the time, but I was happy with everything I had done and accomplished my goal, which was to bring Pure wrestling back to Ring of Honor. I believed it could save Ring of Honor. That’s how it was laid out to me, I had lost the Pure Title, they said, ‘this is a possibility,’ and I said, ‘Great if it happens, great if it doesn’t.’ I had a really good run at Pure Champion and I was happy with that.”

On how he learned about ROH’s hiatus and his loyalty to the company: “I didn’t know. I got a phone call from a close buddy maybe 30 minutes before we had the Zoom call with the whole roster and they said, ‘Gresh, I don’t think this is going to be a good call.’ We had a discussion about that and it ended up being true, it wasn’t a good call. I didn’t have a heads up besides the one call from my buddy. Everyone who knows anything about me knows that I am on this boat until it sinks. My contract will expire in December, but even with no contract, I am loyal to Ring of Honor until the end.”