Homicide Relects on the Time He Was Too out of Shape to Climb the TA Impact Wrestling Cage, Bashes Direction of Company

Posted By James Walsh on 11/24/21

He got stuck on the cage and left there and no one noticed. Says a lot.

In an interview with Not Sam Wrestling (via Fightful), Homicide spoke about the TNA Steel Asylum cage match from 2010, in which he hung upside down from the cage. He was unable to exit the hole at the top, which was the goal of the match. The match was also hard to see live given the color and shape of the structure, although there were alternate angles shown to the televised audience.

Homicide said: “‘f*** these motherf***ers.’ It was so embarrassing. I don’t want to say ‘f*** Hulk Hogan.’ He’s a legend…BUT. I always remember, we had a meeting and he wanted to take over and compete with Vince McMahon in the Monday night challenge. I was like, ‘Nah, let’s stay Thursdays. We’re not going to compete with a Billion dollar company. I know we had the talent, but we’re not going to compete.’ He had the balls to do it, alright, let’s do it. That little stupid Mad Max Thunderdome cage. I got so mad because I’m a great storyteller of matches. I hit somebody with a metal stick and it’s not a DQ. So let me go through this f***ing stupid hole. It was horrible. It was really a workout. I workout, but it was a workout thing. In the morning, Terry Taylor came up to me, I love Terry Taylor, he goes, ‘I want you to practice (climbing out).’ I’m a very confident guy. ‘Nah, I’m good.’ I should’ve practiced. I had a bad shoulder at the time and had rotator cuff surgery. The first live show, competing with Monday Night Raw and I was the first big angle. I f***ed up. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my career. I should’ve practiced it. I had a bad shoulder and the story didn’t make sense. Jeff Hardy comes in, beats me up. He was late. His music played and he was late. I told Vince Russo, ‘I thought me and Jeff had a program.’ ‘Oh, let me think about it kid.’ If somebody says, ‘let me think about it’ and puts their hand up, I know what that means. I’m not stupid. I’m like, ‘Yeah, they messed up.’ I’m gonna get released.“