Johnny "Same Frace" Gargano Contract Update: WWE Wants To Keep Him

Posted By James Walsh on 11/24/21

As we previously reported, Johnny Garganoís contract is expected to expire on December 3. However, it was revealed on last nightís NXT that Gargano will take part in a Wargames match at NXT 2.0 Wargames on December 5. According to Fightful Select, Gargano agreed to a one-week contract extension and his deal will now expire on December 10.

There are still ongoing talks between Gargano and WWE, as he hasnít agreed to anything else yet. People in WWE reportedly praised Johnny Wrestling for being willing to extend his deal when he will probably have other people trying to sign him. This is similar to how Adam Cole handled the end of his contract, although he eventually made the decision to leave.