EC3 Calls Bryan Danielson as One of the Best Wrestlers Ever, Discusses Possibly Going to AEW

Posted By James Walsh on 11/24/21

UnSKripted by Sportskeeda Wrestling, former WWE Superstar EC3 discussed working as the rookie for Bryan Danielson for his season of NXT, his thoughts on AEW, and more. Below are some highlights (via

EC3 on Bryan Danielson: Hes one of the best wrestlers ever in the ring, hes an awesome, educated, interesting dude. Doesnt have to be about wrestling, you can talk to him about anything. He has a sick, twisted sense of humor, which I dearly appreciate. Hes a good person to be around, great dad. It was cool to be around him and we were both in on the fact that nobody cares about the shows, but we just made it as fun as possible. Doing the outrageous, outlandish, horse crap comedy that we were doing, we were having a very good time spit-balling dumb ideas back and forth, and since it wasnt controlled, we just did them. Fans remember it. American flag pants, double date with the Bellas, submission wrestling, American flags falling out of nowhere. We made a subpar situation as cool as we could have. All you need, man, just give me an inch and Ill make a mile. People can complain about what they get or they can make the most of it and do the best of their abilities, and its very easy to sit back and complain, and its very hard to find the positive in situations like that.

His thoughts on AEW: I can envision myself infiltrating and expanding my idea everywhere, and AEW would obviously be a target. [Jon] Moxley is a hell of a guy. I have a match that I do want to have, which is a true battle with that man. I think he can bring the best out of me and I can do the same to him. Were different but also like-minded. Hes an incredible talent, always works hard but hes stoic which I respect and enjoy. Hes not afraid to get his hands dirty, hes not afraid to get rough, raw, and bring it. Hes not, nor am I, a pretty wrestler so to speak. Its not clean or choreographed looking but its realistic and gritty which is what I like. If Im rolling around in thumbtacks and glass with that dude on a big stage, yeah, Id be cool with it.