John E. Bravo Gets Married on Wrestle House 2

Posted By James Walsh on 11/26/21

John E Bravo’s virgin days are behind him and he’s a married man thanks to Wrestle House 2, which took place on this week’s Impact Wrestling. Thursday’s episode was a special episode that saw several Impact stars transported to Wrestle House once again thanks to a deal made by Bravo and Rosemary, where Bravo agreed to sacrifice his virgin blood if she could make Bravo happy again by bringing them to Wrestle House.

The episode saw Swinger have some difficulties in Wrestle House, where he lost to Downtown Daddy Brown and found himself having to deal with other issues. The cast for the episode were Bravo, Rosemary and the rest of Decay, Madison Rayne, Kaleb, Alisha and Eddie Edwards, Chris Sabin, Hernandez, Lawrence D, and two Swingerellas.

They eventually found out that Swingerella #1 was in love with Swinger, and he ended up proposing to her. But when Edwards found out about Bravo’s sacrifice he tried to stop the wedding. Rosemary put a curse on Edwards and the wedding got to the ceremony, where Edwards managed to reveal Rosemary’s plan. Bravo then revealed that he’d been sleeping with Swingerella #1 and Swinger was relief, saying that you should never get tied down with a Rizzat anyway. Bravo and Swingerella #1 then got married.

Yep, all that happened. Wrestle House is a hell of a thing. You can see highlights from the episode below: