Shane Taylor Teases Where He's Going After his ROH Run

Posted By James Walsh on 11/27/21

In an interview with Bodyslam, Shane Taylor confirmed that his contract with Ring of Honor will be up on January 1, after the company goes on hiatus. ROH will go on hiatus after Final Battle, and all wrestlers will be released from their contracts at the end of the year.

Taylor said: ďIím excited. Iím confident. I know that thereís a lot of sadness around it. For me and my guys, we were going to have to start making some choices come the end of this year about what we wanted to do in the future, goals, and things like that. So all this does is really speed up the process. The support is only growing, and weíre excited for the future. As far as any opponents go, the time that you had to secure your spots, the time that you had to make your money, the time that you had to be the best in your prospective world, the time to do that, is running out very very quickly. Come January 1, that time is up. Me and my guys are coming to take everything that belongs to us. I donít care if itís AEW, I donít if itís Impact, I donít if itís MLW, I donít if itís New Japan, or anywhere in between. We are coming for everything. As WuTang so eloquently put it, protect your neck.Ē