Tommy Dreamer Claims Vince McMahon Didnít Want Paul Heyman Involved With 2005 ECW One Night Stand

Posted By James Walsh on 11/28/21

Tommy Dreamer looked back on the ECW One Night Stand show in 2005 during a recent edition of Busted Open Radio.

This is where he noted that he always got along with Vince McMahon. However, McMahon never wanted Paul Heyman to be part of the show after having a falling out with him following Heyman being the head of creative for SmackDown.

However, Dream talked McMahon into letting Heyman be part of it since he grew the company into what he had become.

ďI always got along with him from early ECW when we were having secret meetings. And I mean Vince is the first person I ever heard in professional wrestling. He was doing the commentating when I first saw my first ever match. I remember the first day when I actually went to WWE with the whole Alliance and Paul was giving Vince [an earful] and Vince was kind of having a heated discussion. He looks at me and heís like, Ďhow did you deal?í And I go, Ďheís your problem now.í So that was like kind of set the toneÖIíve had, I mean one argument with him but the rest were and for a lot of people itís pick and choose because the guy is so, so busy. But Iíve had nothing but great experiences with Vince. I worked in the office, I literally shared the office next to him, which the only thing I didnít like was he would keep his office so cold, hence, my office would be cold. And Iím a heavyset guy, I normally like the cold.

Iíve worked out with him. Iíd be working out and people would be leaving the gym when he walks in. And I would be the only one there working out with him. And I also saw him when he just had his quad surgery and he [had the] double, double cast in his leg. And heís in a wheelchair thatís kind of sticking straight out both legs, and heís still working out.

And also even when I returned, and even when I before when I left, I had great meeting with him about why I felt I wanted to go. And even when I came back like or even when every time I would visit. I always have fun. And like Mark [Henry] said heís a manly, man, as well as like, he likes to poke jokes and play jokes. I do too. And like I would always like you know, set up. Either Iím eating something that Vince sees and he would just be disgusted about what I would eat or, you know, kind of being a little bit on the heavyset side. So just stuff like that. And Iíve also hung out with Vince after shows where, you know, I know the business is different, but Bully, Mark myself and we signed the contract.

My biggest time would be the resurgence of ECW and John Laurinaitis as head of talent relations. I worked for John, and that big push for it was with Johnny through Shane, but everything has to be through Vince McMahonís approval. And Johnny basically comes in and then I get called into the big office. And they basically tell me that Iím in charge of it. Iím writing the whole show. I want this to be different. And Iím, itís just me, [Vince says] do whatever the hell you want. hire whoever the hell you want in this again, just for the first ECW One Night Stand, youíre writing it, youíre doing it and I was very, very, like, wow. And I remember, like sitting back in my office, and I called Beulah. And I was like, ĎI canít believe this. Like they finally see it in me.í And like I had, like this great nirvana. But back into the meeting. Heís like, Ďthis is all you blah, blah, blah. The only caveat, we donít want Paul involved.í Paul was at the time hated, sent to Ė He wasnít even really doing OVW stuff. He was just, he was in the doghouse for whatever reason, I donít know. And Iím sitting by myself, Iím in total control. I could have been a jerk and kept Paul out. But Iím saying to myself, how do you keep Paul Heyman out of something ECW. And I always knew me and Paul worked great together. And I then had to devise a plan how I had a go to Johnny, for hey, how do I navigate this through the political waters? How do I get Paul Heyman booked, and on this ECW show. And he basically helped me and basically, again went to Vince and I was like, ĎVince, you said, Iím in charge. Everythingís good. But Paul has to be on it.í And he was just like, Ďyou know, Paul was shipped off to nana land.í But he was like, Ďif thatís what you want. You got it.í And me and Paul got to work together. Paul [at the] last minute made a change to the pay per view because Vince also wanted Steve Austin involved and Paulís changes and he was always being very, very politically correct, which he never had to be with me. [Paul said], ĎBut like if you donít want to change it, you can do it.í But I was like, ĎPaul, listen, number one, like youíre putting a promo in for yourself, and how could Paul Heyman not do a promo and how is that not going to benefit the show?í And then we had the whole involvement with JBL and the WWE guys. The show came off without a hitch.Ē