Matt Taven Explains ROH Invasion in Impact Wrestling, How Partnering with Vincent After their Blood Feud Makes Sense

Posted By James Walsh on 01/11/22

ormer ROH world champion Matt Taven recently appeared on the Shining Wizards podcast to discuss a number of different topics, including his thoughts on ROHís future and how he teamed with his rival Vincent during the ROH invasion at IMPACT Hard To Kill. Highlights from the interview are below.

Says heís still unsure of what is going to happen with ROH and that he would be happy if his last match was the tag team title match from Final Battle:

No [I still donít know whatís going to happen with Ring of Honor] and I still have no idea if that match will be the last match I ever had in a Ring of Honor ring. No idea and if it was, thatís exactly the way I wanted to go out. You know, The Briscoes and The Kingdom or The OGK have had a rivalry that has lasted half of my career in Ring of Honor and thereís no other people or group of guys that I would rather be in the ring with for my last time in Ring of Honor than Mike [Bennett], Mark [Briscoe] and Jay [Briscoe] because Mark and Jay, they are Ring of Honor and to me, I felt like Baltimore shouldíve kind of really been a Ďthank youí to them and so anything that I can do to be a part of that is kind of like ó it makes me feel like I ó I kind of got to a height of Ring of Honor that I could put myself in the final match against The Briscoes and feel like this is how it should go. So itís kind of ó itís a pat on the back just for me to be in the ring with those guys in what could be, like I said, my last match with them.

Explains the logic of teaming with Vincent, who Taven had a blood feud with in ROH, during their invasion at IMPACT Hard To Kill:

You can always use a wild card. Well, hereís how I phrase it: When the chips are down and you have to make a deal with the devil, would you rather make a deal with the devil you know or the devil you donít? And to me, Iíve known Vincent for years. I mean the guy has cut me with an axe and drank my blood. I donít know how much closer you can get with a human being. So, when youíre publicly fired and donít know whatís happening next, man Iíve worked too hard for this to end like this so Iíll make a deal with the devil and Iíll choose that devil, being the one that Iíve known since day one in my wrestling career.