Britt Baker Says the Amount of Available Talent from WWE Releases Makes the Forbidden Door Not Needed

Posted By James Walsh on 01/12/22

While speaking to the In the Kliq Podcast before AEW Battle of the Belts, AEW Women’s World champion Dr. Britt Baker spoke on the momentum of the AEW women’s division. She stated the following (via Fightful):

“We’re just on such a forward momentum right now. The women’s division, the wrestling, the storylines, everything has just been so great. We have another belt now. We have the Women’s TBS Title that Jade Cargill just won. It’s more, really, growing so quickly. The Women’s Division was under fire pretty aggressively at first, but just how quickly we’ve turned the tide, just like taking all that criticism and kind of threw it at everyone’s face. So, moving forward, I just want to keep building our women’s division. How cool would it be for a women’s match to be the main event of a pay-per-view sometime? Just to keep growing in that sense. Making sure that the women’s matches are just as important, which they are, as you see in our booking, as all of the men’s matches. I mean, I’ve been fortunate enough to main event several AEW shows now and it’s not so much of a marquee event when that does happen. It’s just, ‘There’s a good match coming up, and it should be the main event.'”

On who she’d like to cross the forbidden door for possible matches: “Not to kind of turn the tides here, but unfortunately, WWE has been releasing so many talents that right now you don’t even have to cross forbidden doors. There’s just so many amazingly talented free agents right now, period. There’s just so many right now that I would love to wrestle that I’ve never wrestled before. Toni Storm, definitely. Toni Storm, when you talk about top female wrestlers if she doesn’t come to mind, then you’re not watching. Because she’s absolutely phenomenal, she’s wrestled all over the world and I have never wrestled her. I would love to somehow, someway, someplace, lock up with her.”

On who has been helping her improve with promos: “Definitely Tony Khan. It was his idea to get me in the ring with a mic anyway. I worked really closely with Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes on a lot of my promos. Just delivery. People don’t understand how important it is to just be confident when you’re delivering a promo. That’s everything. You can be singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stars,” as long as you’re confident, people will listen.”