CM Punk and Wardlow Pay Homage to Bret Hart versus Diesel from Survivor Series '95 in AEW Dynamite Match

Posted By James Walsh on 01/13/22

The 1995 Survivor Series Main Event saw Bret Hart take an unexpected table spot, the best kind of table spot, off the apron of the ring knocking him out. Diesel, who had been a babyface but was showing signs of turning heel, showed a little bit of compassion for Bret as he set him up for his powerbomb finish and Bret used an inside cradle, small package pin for the surprise, somewhat fluke win.

Well, on AEW Dynamite, CM Punk took a table spot that was set up outside... And, multiple powerbombs in the ring as well. When Wardlow went for another, as instructed by MJF, he showed a little remorse and CM Punk got the pin with the same inside cradle, small package finish as the Bret/Diesel Survivor Series 1995 finish.

Wardlow and MJF nearly came to blows later on and MJF continued to insult Wardlow later on in the show.

Wardlow and MJF have been paired together since shortly after MJF turned full heel by costing Cody Rhodes the WOrld Title at Full Gear 2019. They have often hinted at there being issues between the Richard and his "War Dog". But, it has become clear that the issues are far worse than ever before and should, eventually, lead to a babyface turn for the large bodyguard.