Britt Baker On The Positive Impact Tony Schiavone Has Had On Her Life

Posted By James Walsh on 01/13/22

In an interview with the In The Kliq podcast (via Fightful), Britt Baker spoke about her friendship with Tony Schiavone and the positive impact he’s had on her life.

She said: “Oh my gosh, he’s the best. I will never be able to thank him for how much he’s helped me in all aspects of my life. I mean, he’s one of my best friends. Any time there’s anything going on, good or bad, he’s one of the first I call, first to talk to when I’m excited or to vent about — but just how he helps me, especially early on with those promos when I first turned heel. I don’t know where I would be without him, because I was so nervous to be cutting these live promos as a bad guy, something I had never done before and I just always knew in the back of my head, ‘Hey, if anything goes wrong, I have Tony Schiavone here. He’s pretty good at this, we’re gonna be okay.’ So just to have him there and along for the ride and just this lasting friendship I have with him. I’m so thankful for that.“