Nick Jackson Loses His Luggage on Latest Being the Elite (Recap)

Posted By James Walsh on 01/17/22

The latest episode of Being the Elite is online, with Nick Jackson losing his luggage while on the road. You can check out the full video of the episode and a recap below:

* We kick off with Matt and Nick Jackson returning to the road, with Matt Jackson saying they had a “week” off, meaning “COVID-19, Omicron version” which he and Brandon Cutler got hit with it. Matt says he had pretty bad symptoms for about two days while Brandon had it not quite as bad. Now they’re back on the road and Nick’s bag is lost. Matt talks about how Nick checking his bag in but has lost it now. He jokes about Nick’s travails trying to find his luggage when he loves checking it because it’s “stress-free” but says he’s feeling good and healthy. He thanks fans for the well-wishes even though he doesn’t care.


* Adam Cole walks into the locker room to get something and when he turns around Christopher Daniels is there. He asks what’s up with Daniels’ eye and he says to ask the Bucks about that. He says he has something for the Bucks but they aren’t there. He says he has something for Cole too, and then dramatically hands over his card and says he can answer any questions about payroll, travel or merchandise because he’s talent relations. Cole looks away for a moment and when he looks back, Daniels is gone.

* The Bucks pose in their outfits for some slow-mo camera work.

* We then see them talking about how hard it is to grow their facial hair. Cutler shows up acting like Macho Man for a moment with a full beard, and he says he let it grow out for a couple days while he had COVID. The Bucks are pissed he was able to grow his beard so quickly and shout at him to go.

* We get footage from Dynamite via Cutler’s camera of the Bucks coming down to confront Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, and Bobby Fish. They go back and forth a bit, with Cole suggesting this kind of friendly competition is what they need before the Best Friends come out, then Britt Baker takes out Kris Statlander and so on.

* Cutler is backstage, upset that KOR calls him “Landon.” Michael Nakazawa says he needs courage and says next time, confront him and tell him what his name is. Culter says next time he’ll tell Kyle his name is — and that’s when O’Reilly shows up and wants to talk to “Landon.” He tells Cutler that his latte needs to be fat-free almond milk next time. Cutler quiets up and accepts it, and Nakazawa scoffs as he walks off.

* Leva Bates walks up to JD Drake and says Peter Avalon says his flight was cancelled. Drake shushes her and says that he cancelled the flight. When she asks why, he says that Leva isn’t his friend and she broke Peter’s heart with her manipulations, which makes him a different person. He says she doesn’t care about Peter and Leva says she understands what he’s trying to do, then reveals after Drake walks off that she stole his keys. Later on, he’s preparing to go home and realizes what Bates did, calling her a “carny bitch.”

* We get more Culter-Cam footage, this time from the Elite’s match on AEW Rampage.

* Back to Thursday afternoon, and Nick’s luggage is still lost and the airline is saying his bag was never checked in. Jackson now doesn’t have his gear and he had to go shopping. Matt says it’s the same airport that lost his shoes. He says Nick is pretty upset about it and that it’s been happening a lot more lately before we close out.