Jaxson Ryker & Former WWE Referee Unhappy with CM Punk's T Shirt on AEW Dynamite

Posted By James Walsh on 05/19/22

As seen during the May 18th 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite, CM Punk made his entrance for commentary while wearing an “Abortion Rights Are Human Rights” t-shirt. Punk previously called out opponents of abortion rights as being “elite, rich, white, terrorist religious fascists.”

Former WWE star Chad Lail (Jaxson Ryker) was critical of Punk’s shirt and former WWE referee Drake Wuertz also spoke out…

“Liberal Athiest CM Punk promoting child sacrifice on a live Pro Wrestling show is disgraceful. There is no ‘Right’ to murder a baby. #AbolishAbortion

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil… Isaiah 5:20.”

Former WWE star Chad Lail (Jaxson Ryker) expressed his disapproval of the t-shirt…

“How is wearing an ‘Abortion rights are human rights’ shirt on live tv stand for Human rights? Aborting a baby is taking away that living breathing child’s rights. Truly sad. That baby has rights. It’s a human. Jesus change hearts. Jesus we need you. Enough is enough. We have to stand for this. Unborn lives matter. At 5 weeks I heard my daughters heart beat. Life.”

Lail also wrote the following on Twitter…

“It’s a satanic attack on life. Now it’s taking over the things we loved as kids that took us away from normal life. Pro wrestling, cartoons, everything. I choose life. Romans 1:16 I choose to share JESUS.”