THE RANT: Sasha Banks and Naomis Walk ut Isn't a Work

Posted By James Walsh on 05/23/22

When #WWE came up with #Retribution as a stable, they put out a press release that an outside force was invading their scripted world. Because the talent involved wasn't up to carrying the load the way the #nWo was, the story failed. Mustafa Ali is a far cry from Hulk Hogan, people. With that said, WWE put out a presser then basically admitting all their stuff is bullshit but this was real. They rushed and did the same thing for the Sasha Banks and Naomi thing. For that reason, I understand why some people believe this is a work. I, however, do not. Here's why.

What will WWE gain from this? What could they? Banks and Naomi's actions were, in fact, unprofessional. It wasn't as though the story was built to where the two would have to crawl across the ring in their underwear and bark like dogs at the fet of Vince McMahon the way Trish Stratus did 20 years ago - Not the only "doggy" thing those two engaged in I am willing to bet. After all, you don't get a "fairy tale farewell" after 6 years of work in normal situations. But, I'm off point. THere was no build to this. There was no "Boy, they're putting Sasha Banks and Naomi in a bad position." And, WWE belabors every point and makes it last forever for the purpose of suspense. So, why would this be rushed or glanced over?

Should Sasha and Naomi return at Hell in a Cell and beat up Ronda Rousey and Bianca Belair, what would be the benefit? Are tey going to beat up an 80 year old Vince McMahon who might or might not be slipping faster than our current President in terms of his overall mental faculties? Would anyone really cheer either action?

I've seen Sasha and Naomi compared to Steve Austin in 2002. Here's a pipe bomb for everyone that defends what Austin did. Austin apologized for walking out. And, if you strip it down, the reason he did was multi-fold. He had a drinking problem... He was in a bad marriage where he pulled a gun on his wife Debra and almost became Chris Benoit before Chris Benoit was a murderer. And, and this is the part that matters most, Austin also knew his physical being was done in the ring and he couldn't go anymore. His shelf life, which was far shorter than people remember, had run out. So, Austin in 2002 was no hero. he was a mess. Banks and Naomi are also no heroes. They are unprofessional.

The WWE continuing to try to sell this case both on TV and through media press releases feels like when Vince McMahon thought he was the babyface in the Bret Hart screw job. The diference is, Vince is right this time. But, we're conditioned to believe that actions like this mean he's wrong because he was wrong previous times. He's not.

In conclusion, this isn't a work. If it is, it is a bad idea and will gain no one, least of which the company, any new fans or popularity. I can't believe they're willingly pointing out everything they do is bullshit. Why do this? I am not suggesting kayfabe was alive. But, do we need to Katie Vick it and screw its brains out every so often to prove the law of diminishing returns?