Ric Flair feels that he can be ďbetter fundamentally than 85 percentĒ of the WWE/AEW rosters

Posted By James Walsh on 06/19/22

During an appearance on the Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast, Ric Flair talked about his upcoming match in Nasville, TN at the end of JulyÖ

ďIn 2018, I had four heart operations in seven weeks, right? Four different doctors. So, who do you believe? Everybodyís got a different theory on what I can do, what I canít do. So the first guy says I canít go skiing. Told me never to go above 10,000 feet so I went to Vail [Ski Resort], 20,000 feet, I went skiing. I fell down skiing. I fell down in the ice-ice skating so if I can do that, I can wrestle and Iím drinking again so, which Iím never supposed to be doing [Flair laughed]. Itís easy to blame any aspect of what Iíve been through on what could happen but itís not ó Iím not worried about it, does that make sense? And Iím just having fun and Iím enjoying the competition it creates within myself and just wanna show off. If I can do it at 73 and Iíll be better fundamentally than 85 percent of the roster in either company. Iím not talking about flying off the top rope and that but, punching, kicking, psychology of wrestling. Iíll be better than 85 and I got another month-and-a-half to train. I wonít go in there not ready.Ē (quote courtesy of PostWrestling.com)