Davey Richards Not Interested In Competing In Deathmatches Or Intergender Matches

Posted By James Walsh on 06/20/22

MLW star Davey Richards recently joined the Under The Ring podcast from USA Sports, where Richards discussed a number of different topics, most notably how he doesnít wish to compete in certain types of matchups like deathmatches or intergender matches. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Matches he doesnít wish to take part in, including deathmatches:

ďI am not going to do deathmatches. I would very much prefer no really early morning flights. Because you know, I would prefer that, but if it happens, it happens. I donít ó I would respectfully decline intergender matches, thatís just a personal thing. Thatís my ó please donít put me at the end of the 27-match card. Thatíd be wonderful.Ē

The types of wrestling styles he enjoys watching:

ďI like different kinds of styles. I mean, Iíve wrestled some guys you would never think, like wrestling Masada, heís a great wrestler. I like being tested. I mean, obviously, itís always fun when you get some guys who are like more of my ó or cut from the same cloth as me, but I mean, the thing is, youíll only get better by wrestling people who are different than you. I mean, like, I can go out today and have a great match with Jonathan Gresham. Who canít, you know what I mean? Someone, not even saying that Iím better than him, or theyíre better than me, just different mentalities, different stylistic approaches. Thatís how you get better because you learn how to adapt your style and what you like to do to what someone else does, or what may make someone else or some other promotion money. So actually, thatís how you grow and evolve as a wrestler.Ē