Red Velvet Discusses Becoming Part of Jade Cargillís Baddies Section

Posted By James Walsh on 06/21/22

Red Velvet turned heel and joined the Baddies Section in April, and the AEW star recently talked about joining Jade Cargillís group. Velvet spoke with Fightfulís Grapsody for a new interview recently and talked about her long association with Cargill in AEW, being booed before she turned heel and more. You can check out a couple of highlights below:

On how she joined the group: ďHonestly, I think everything was kind of fate. It wasnít something I suggested. I was a babyface when I was going against Jade a lot. I never really thought there would be a moment in our careers where we would be linked together. It took a turn when I got booed when I was going against Willow. That was the perfect time to pull the trigger. It wasnít the first time I had gotten booed. It was, if I can count correctly, the third time I had been booed. The fans are honest, so you canít be upset with that. It started off in Pittsburgh against Britt, it was bound to happen. Then it went on to Chicago with Skye Blue and then the final strike was against Willow. We pulled the trigger there and Tony (Khan) agreed that he thought it was time to go heel. After that, I didnít really have a sense of direction of where I was going to go, I just got sat in the Baddie Section one day. I canít give you the exact answer of whose idea it was because it maybe could have been Jade or TK, but I donít want to give false information, I just got put in the Baddie Section one day and it just took off from there. Itís been great. I love being a Baddie. Itís good to be bad.Ē

On her getting booed against Britt Baker and others: ďTotally, I knew going into it [against Baker in Pittsburgh] that some people were going to cheer, but the majority of people were going to boo me. I just took it on and was like, ĎAlright, letís see where it goes.í I didnít expect the boos to be as loud as they were, but that was fuel to my fire. I was like, ĎI kind of like this.í Everyone loves to be a popular kid in school, but everyone thrives better when they are the nerdy kid who went popular. ĎAlright, these people donít want to get behind me, Iím going to make them hate me even more. Iím going to take what they love and thatís the DMD.í That was the first taste when I was cool and not totally bothered by it. I had more fun when it happened in Chicago because it was more unexpected. I didnít think they were going to get behind Skye as much as they did. They are great and loyal fans there. Boston, I pulled the trigger. ĎYou guys are going to boo me and donít want me to win this part of the tournament? I donít care. Letís go.í Everything in my career, even going from babyface to heel, was all timing and never planned. It wasnít, Ďthis day, we set you heel.í It happened organically and thatís been the best part for me. It keeps me on my toes and thatís made me grow as a wrestler.

ďI kind of thought, coming to AEW, I was going to be a babyface, always. I donít think TK [Tony Khan] had any plans of turning me heel, I donít even think he thought there was a mean bone in my body to be a heel. Itís only the beginning. I donít think Iíve let people see how dark I can really get.Ē