Hangman Page Gives His Reaction To CM Punkís Botched Buckshot Lariat

Posted By James Walsh on 06/29/22

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Hangman Page gave his thoughts on CM Punkís botched attempts at the Buckshot Lariat during their match at Double or Nothing.

He said: ďIt made me feel better about myself that I can do it, I know that. Grabbing the ropes and flipping over like that and landing on your feet and hitting the guy in the face is hard on any day at any time, much less, you know, 20 minutes into a match, and I think that made me have a little more appreciation and pride in the ability to do it. It doesnít surprise me that he couldnít do it, and thatís not a knock on him because itís a tough-ass thing to do, and itís something Iíve done for a long time. Iíve had time to sharpen it, he hasnít. So, I donít know that I have the best Go To Sleep in the world either, certainly not as good as his because he beat my ass with it.ď