Ronda Rousey on What Prompted Her Face Turn After Her WWE Return

Posted By James Walsh on 06/29/22

WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey joined former UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier on The DC Check-In this week, and she discussed her WWE return from earlier this year. Below are some highlights (via Fightful):

Ronda Rousey on how the original plan was to have her return as a heel: “I was supposed to come back as a heel. Vince (McMahon) was like, ‘They popped real big, so she’s a babyface.’ I did a heel interview after and everyone was like, ‘what the hell?’ Next Monday, I’m like, ‘I’m coming in as a heel’ and they’re like, ‘No, you need to smile and you need to stop being a bitch.’ ‘No, I love being a bitch! It’s my outlet for bitchery!’ ‘No, pull it back for a little bit.’ ‘Okay, high fives.’ It’s fine being a babyface.”

On if she was expecting that fans would react similar to Batista’s return in 2014: “I was expecting that. I was expecting boos. I came out with my guard up and I think I didn’t get to enjoy that moment because I was expecting it because that’s what I got on the way out. When I came out and everyone [cheered], I blocked them out and didn’t let them in and I went in, did my job, and got out. I think I missed out on really enjoying that moment because I was expecting the worst in people. That’s how the WWE Universe gets you.”