Eddie Kingston Hopes To Reach The Level Of Terry Funk and Kenta Kobashi: ďThose Are My Two Perfect WrestlersĒ

Posted By James Walsh on 07/02/22

AEW superstar Eddie Kingston recently joined the MackMania podcast, where the Mad King discussed his sometimes ďunreachableĒ goals, and how he aims to make his career as great as Terry Funk or Kenta Kobashi. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

His desire to reach the levels of Terry Funk and Kenta Kobashi:

ďI donít feel like I reached where I wanna reach. I wanna be perfect. I know Iím never gonna get there. And to me, the perfect wrestlers are Terry Funk, Kenta Kobashi, those are my two perfect wrestlers. But Iím trying to get to their level. I know I may not, but Iím trying to get there. So thatís why when you say am I delivering, nah, I feel like I need to do more because Iím not there yet. Iím gonna get there, Iím gonna get close, I know I am. But Iím not there yet.Ē

Says whether he is getting cheered or booed, as long as fans are reacting heís happy:

ďDoes it feel good when I go out there and the people are hoping crazy and theyíre reacting, and theyíre chanting, Eddieí? Yeah. But it would also feel good if they were booing. The reaction, thatís what I live for. Thatís what drives me a lot of times in the ring. And I donít care if the fans love me, I donít care if the fans hate me. As long as theyíre watching pro wrestling and as long as theyíre reacting to whatís going on, Iím good. Iím good because my job as a pro wrestler is to go in the ring and fight. I canít worry about what the people are doing. I would worry if there was no reaction. I would go, ĎWell, Iím screwed.Ē

Says his main goal as a wrestler is to evoke emotion from the crowd:

ďAnd thatís why I always feel like when I go to a new building or a new city, no matter how many times Iíve been there, in my head, Iím like, ĎOkay, I gotta give these people something to react on. I gotta give these people an emotional ride. I gotta get these people to feel me, to understand me, to understand why Iím angry, why Iím this way.í All this stuff goes through my head and then when the red light goes on, itís blank. I tell a lot of people the most free I feel is in the pro wrestling ring. Itís in the ring. Thereís a feeling of just, itís euphoric almost. Itís almost out of body, almost, when Iím in there fighting or wrestling in the ring, itís because Iím free. All the stresses of regular life are gone. It doesnít matter what happened before that moment. And then once I walk lit that curtain, itís all gone and Iím free. I almost feel like Iím floating getting into that ring.Ē