Brian Kendrick Says WWE Knew About His Conspiracy Theory Videos Before Re-Signing Him

Posted By James Walsh on 07/02/22

Former NXT cruiserweight champion Brian Kendrick recently participated in a virtual signing with K&S WrestleFest, where Kendrick discussed a number of different topics, including how WWE was aware of his conspiracy theory videos prior to getting re-signed several years ago, and why he decided to eventually ask WWE for his release. Highlights are below.

Says WWE knew about the videos and told him to never talk about them again, so he didn’t:

“They talked to me, ‘Don’t talk about conspiracy theories. ‘Yeah, sure, not a problem.’ That was it, never talked about them again and they were fine to re-sign me.”

Why he asked for his WWE release and how he hopes to be able to return at some point:

“I asked for my release, they gave it to me. ‘Now you want to come crawling back?’ Well, yeah, I don’t see them wanting me to come back anytime soon. They were insulted, I would imagine, in some respect. But the truth is I wanted to wrestle and I wasn’t given that opportunity anymore in WWE.”