Scorpio Sky Compares MJF to NBA Star, Says Both are Headaches

Posted By James Walsh on 07/02/22

One of the biggest stories ongoing in the NBA is top superstar Kevin Durant telling the Brooklyn Nets that he no longer wishes to play for their franchise, and is using his player-option to demand a trade.

Commenting on the situation was AEW star and current TNT champion Scorpio Sky, who responded to a fan-made graphic that Durant had joined the AEW roster. Sky jokingly writes back, “Hearing from my sources Brooklyn’s asking price for Kevin Durant is Kenny Omega, Evil Uno, and 3 future firsts. We’ll see what happens.”

Another fan would jump in on the fun and joke about trading Durant for top AEW superstar, the controversial MJF. This prompted Sky to write back, “Why would Brooklyn trade 1 backstage headache for another?”

MJF has not been on AEW programming since his epic promo calling for AEW President Tony Khan to fire him at the Dynamite from Los Angeles. He has since been removed from the AEW opening video package.