The Undertaker Comments On Cody Rhodes Returning To WWE: “Cody Has A Much Better Grasp Of Who He Is”

Posted By James Walsh on 07/03/22

The legendary Undertaker recently spoke with Sports Illustrated to hype his upcoming A&E biography special, as well as give his thoughts on the WWE return of Cody Rhodes, who is currently out of action with an injury. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Thoughts on Cody Rhodes returning to WWE:

“From his first trip in, to where he is now, Cody has a much better grasp of who he is. It’s great to be part of a legacy in the business. Cody’s dad is one of the all-time greats. That also makes it very tough for people like Cody, Dustin and Charlotte Flair. It takes a minute to figure out who you are. No one can be Dusty. Naturally, though, you fall into that trap of trying to be like him. The first time Cody came through, he was trying to figure out who he was. Now he knows. Yes, he keeps the legacy alive. His dad was ‘The American Dream,’ he’s ‘The American Nightmare’. That’s cool how he’s merged that, and he’s pulled a few things from Dusty’s repertoire. Cody is his own man now, and he believes in himself. I don’t think he did the first time through. Sometimes it takes going away to someplace else, and his time away served him well.”

Gives details about his upcoming A&E biography special: