Jim Cornette Believes Vince Russo Stole His Baby Doll Story with Miss Elizabeth In her Place

Posted By James Walsh on 07/03/22

Well, Jim Cornette and Vince Russo are at it again.

In a recent interview, Vince Russo stated that Miss Elizabeth slapped him so hard, she dislocated his jaw. He cited her slap from an episode of WCW Monday Nitro during the short-lived Russo/Bischoff era (April to July 2000) as the hardest he was ever hit in his life.

Jim Cornette has often told the story about Baby Doll slapping him in a match in the late 80's where she was supposed to miss and he was to beg off from the wild swing until she got her hands on him later. The slap dislocated his jaw and he has said that was amongst the hardest he had ever been hit.

Was the late Elizabeth Vince Russo's Baby Doll?

It should be noted that while Elizabeth never did any interviews to discuss her time in WCW at all and passed away in May of 2003 at Lex Luger's house, it is believed that Elizabeth hated Vince Russo. When Russo came to WCW in the Fall of 1999, he immediately had Elizabeth doing a lot more at ringside with Lex Luger than she had been doing prior including spraying the wrestlers with perfume or mace and even swinging the baseball tat and cracking Sting with it. She also started to be involved in backstage angles including a falling out with Luger and even being laid out by a Jeff Jarrett guitar shot. In 2000, Russo wanted all the female talent to learn to wrestle. Elizabeth, who was closer to 40 than 30 at the time, had never tarined to wrestle and didn't seem like she wanted to. She did wrestle against the also deceased Daffney Unger. The match was very short and had run ins to pad out the lack of training.

Elizabeth did do a backstage segment with Russo where he tried to get her to wear skimpier clothes than we were used to seeing Elizabeth in. Her reaction was "Kiss my Kentucky ass!" Somehow, we think Jim Cornette has said the same exact words to Russo before.