TV-14 Isn't the Answer in 2022

Posted By James Walsh on 07/15/22

Recent reports suggest that WWE is going back to a TV-14 rating based on the USA Network's classification for this coming Monday's show. WWE was TV-14 as was WCW Nitro in the late 1990's classified as such due to violent content. WWE used that TV-14 rating to exploit sexual angles and swear words, especially after 10 p.m. which, at that time, opened the door to a looser restriction on content.

That was then. This is now.

In 2022, the problem with WWE isn't a lack of people saying "shit" or "ass" on TV. It isn't even a lack of T&A on the show as half the show these days seems to be women's wrestling and whilee they might not be having bra and panties matches, they are fit women rolling around in skimpy gear. So, that probably won't change much.

The problem with WWE is, and remains, a safe, paint by numbers booking style by writers who have no understanding of nor appreciation for the history of pro wrestling. In other words, if they don't know that good stuff existed before, their bad product doesn't come off as bad in their view as it does to those who know better.

Because WWE has a lot of problems with stock holders at the moment due to Vince McMahon's multiple investigations, I expect the company will take some chances to try and keep numbers up as well as to keep the stock up by touting up numbers from a more wild product. But, if at the end of the day, you're getting the same poorly written show with guys saying "shit" and people both saying and showing their asses left and right, it will be a bad result. In other words, think HLA and the desperate attempt to capture an audience that was. This is the modern day version of that.