Britt Baker on How Her Injury Helped Her Career and Orange Cassidy Addresses Wheeler Yuta ‘Using’ The Best Friends

Posted By James Walsh on 08/02/22

Author’s Note: The following Britt Baker and Orange Cassidy interview clips were taken from a roundtable interview session with other reporters. This transcript has been edited for clarity and to include only 411’s questions and answers.

During the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con, 411mania was on hand for a series of roundtable interviews with the AEW stars in attendance for last Saturday’s AEW: Heroes & Villains panel during Comic-Con International. During the roundtables, we were able to talk with former AEW Women’s World Champion and Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament winner Dr. Britt Baker and AEW star Orange Cassidy.

Dr. Baker is not only a role model, she is the first woman to sign with All Elite Wrestling. She’s also one of the first women to compete in a main event in AEW as well against Thunder Rosa. In May 2021, she captured AEW Women’s World Championship and held that title until March of this year, losing to Thunder Rosa. She rebounded quickly after that loss, winning the inaugural 2022 Owen Hart Foundtaion Tournament.

Orange Cassidy is undoubtedly an AEW original. He’s been with the company since it began. He’s also one of the most popular stars in the company. His resume includes two victories over former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho. Here’s what Orange Cassidy and Britt Baker had to say when we sat down with them for a roundtable chat:

Jeffrey Harris: Orange Cassidy, does being this amazing just come effortlessly to you? Were you born this amazing, or do you have to try?

Orange Cassidy: Yeah. I mean I try when I feel like I have to, but most of the time, I don’t, so I won’t. Yeah, that’s it.

Jeffrey Harris: For Britt, you and Tony Schiavone have an amazing friendship. When did you realize that you and Tony have great chemistry together and you guys just play off each other well?