Tony Khan On AEW’s Relationship With DraftKings: “We’ve Got A Great Relationship”

Posted By James Walsh on 08/02/22

AEW President Tony Khan recently sat down with Kevin Walsh from SportsGrid to discuss his promotion’s relationship with the sports betting app DraftKings, and how supportive DraftKings has been for all of AEW’s bigger events. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Talks AEW’s relationship with DraftKings:

Well we’ve got a great relationship with DraftKings. Certainly have worked together closely in the NFL and DraftKings involved in many sports. I work in sports, not just in football and wrestling but I also own a company in Boston where I am right now called TruMedia Networks and we provide analytics and engineering services to 25 out of the 30 Major League Baseball clubs and a number of media partners.

Says the collaboration is a lot of fun for gamblers:

So, working in sports all over the world is one of my big interests and with pro wrestling, there’s absolutely a connection with the gambling world and with DraftKings. We found a great partnership and DraftKings has supported a lot of the big AEW pay-per-view events and a lot of the biggest AEW Dynamite shows like AEW Blood & Guts on TBS recently… In general with big shows, DraftKings has come in and offered odds on not just who wins and loses but also a lot of prop bets within the wrestling matches so it’s a lot of fun.