Jade Cargill Praises the Mic Skills of Ricky Starks

Posted By James Walsh on 08/04/22

In an interview with the Jon Chuckery Show (via Fightful), Jade Cargill spoke about how sheís become more comfortable delivering promos in AEW since her debut. She also praised Ricky Starks for a recent promo he cut on an episode of Dynamite. Here are highlights:

On getting more comfortable with promos: ďBeing that my first time ever cutting a promo, I didnít practice, I just went on stage and I did it and it was national TV, Iíve gotten way more comfortable being that I can put myself into my character. My character is just an extension of myself. I can say the most outlandish stuff because Iím portraying something to an audience. Iíve gotten way more comfortable. I was working with Mark Sterling and at the time, when I was working with him, the way he would focus and cut promos, the man wasÖIíve never seen someone so focused on their craft. I started watching him, how he would cut his promos, how he would direct it and what he would get across and when he would insert Ďthisí into it. We donít have coaches. We just do what we have to do. They give us pinpoints we have to hit, but we do this all from our own muscle. Iíve gotten way more comfortable because, one, I know Iím going to be on TV, I might as well get used to it and get as comfortable as possible. Iím growing. I took promo classes in college and thatís about it. What you see is nothing but raw material. Iíve gotten way more comfortable. To be honest, Iím way better live. I can cut a promo live because I know I canít screw it over. Iíve gotten way comfortable. I love promos now. Thatís the easy part.Ē

On continuing to grow and others who cut great promos: ďObviously, going into my second year, I donít have all the answers. I need guidance. I would probably be great in reality TV of wrestling if I was going off the hinges. Iím not knowledgeable in that sense. A great example is Ricky Starks. He cut an amazing promo on Dynamite. All of that came from the heart. Literally, came from the heart. Great promo. Just being himself. Got what he needed to get over and got himself over, got his opponent over, got everything he wanted to say out. This is a man thatís been working his butt off for years. He was able to speak his heart and say what he needed to say in that moment. There was no script. There was a guide he had to follow to get what he needed to get, but that was all him. Me seeing that just shows the power and control we have to say what we need to say and get our character across so fans understand what weíre feeling in that moment. I appreciate that.Ē