Impact Bound For Glory 2022 Location Announced, Why Show Was Moved

Posted By James Walsh on 08/04/22

A new report has some details on why Impact decided to move Bound For Glory from their originally-planned location. Fightful Select reports that while the show was originally to be held in Danbury, Connecticut (which had not been announced), the company had to move to Albany after they decided to change the show from October 8th to October 7th.

As was noted back in June, while the company announced the date as October 8th they were likely to change it as WWE Extreme Rules takes place that day. The move back by a day meant that the venue in Danbury was not available for the 7th. As such, they decided to run the show in Albany which is about two hours away from Danbury.

The site also notes that talent was informed months ago that the original plans were to host the show in Danbury.