Thunder Rosa on her "Sandbagging" T Shirt from AEW Dynamite

Posted By James Walsh on 08/05/22

AEW women’s champion Thunder Rosa recently appeared on Busted Open Radio to discuss this past week’s edition of Dynamite, which included La Mera Mera’s thoughts on her tag match with Toni Storm, Jamie Hayter, and Britt Baker, as well why she decided to wear a “sandbagging” t-shirt. Highlights from the interview are below.

On the women’s tag match from this week’s Dynamite:

“We had a lot of praise for this match. We were on the second segment. We were given an opportunity to not be on the semi-main. We were on the second segment. And honestly, everybody that was in that match showed up to work. We had a great match. I think all of us, when we’re in the ring together, you can see it. There was an energy there. And like I said, probably the energy was I was pissed because I’m tired of people making fun of me. I’m tired of people bullying me in a way.”

On the sandbagging t-shirt:

“So using the sandbagging t-shirt is a way for me to say keep bullying me because I’m gonna make money out of it. All right, straight up. You’re gonna call me fat. Well, guess what? I’ll be the biggest fat bitch in the world. Boom. I’m gonna do it because I’m gonna own it. I’m not a sandbagger. Let’s be honest; people are gonna have their opinions, fine. Have your opinions. Right there on Wednesday, the four of us, we showed up, showed off, and we have the people chanting; this is awesome. Why? Because they don’t get to see this all the time.”

On equality in women’s wrestling:

“We are asking — we’re demanding for equality in the business. We’re giving the time, and we’re giving what we do best. That’s what you guys saw on Wednesday, and we want to get better every time we get in the ring. So if you’re asking me to look how people used to look because they were forced to look like that? I’m gonna tell you no. Tony Khan brought me here to AEW for a reason, and I said it right the first time I got here to AEW. Is that I want to help bring the AEW women’s division to another level, and I said that at the beginning, and I continue to say that as the AEW Women’s World Champion. That’s my commitment to professional wrestling. That is my commitment to women’s professional wrestling.”