Bryan Danielson on What He Would Want to Do for His Last Match Ever

Posted By James Walsh on 11/22/22

During a recent edition of One Fall with Ron Funches, AEW star Bryan Danielson spoke about what he envisions for his last wrestling match. Below are some highlights (via Fightful):

Bryan Danielson on his last match: ďI would like to wrestle until, I would like to wrestle a match two weeks before I die and to not know that itís my last match. That would be my ideal situation. Iím not going to be a full-time wrestler for much longer [laughs]. All that said, Iím not going to be a full-time wrestler for much longer. When my AEW contract is up, thatís pretty much me being done as a full-time wrestler. I like the way people like Terry Funk and Jerry Lawler do it, where they do it for fun. They donít do it all the time, they do it here and there, that sort of thing. As long as I have fun doing it and I experience joy doing it, itís something I want to continue doing for the rest of my life.Ē

On how you never know what your last match is going to be: ďOne of the things that was brought to my attention when I was forced to retire is that you never know when your last match is going to be. The last match I had before I was forced to retire, I didnít know that was going to be my last match, and then it was, and I didnít know until two months later when they were like, ĎI donít think weíre going to let you comeback.í Then it turned out to not be my last match. I went years thinking it was my last match, then it wasnít.Ē

On what he thinks it should be: ďI donít have any vision of what Iíd like my last match to be. I certainly donít envision it being some epic match everyone talks about. In my mind, it would be a match that Iíd be doing at some local Indie in front of 300 people. ĎOkay, Iím just going out and having fun,í and it turns out to be my last match. Thatís how I envision it.Ē