Kaun Says Shane Taylor Promotions’ ROH Six-Man Title Run Made Trios Relevant Again

Posted By James Walsh on 11/23/22

Kaun was a member of Shane Taylor Promotions in ROH, and he recently weighed in on how the group’s Six-Man Championship run brought the format back to relevance. Brian Cage, Kaun, and Toa Liona held the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championship for 295 days in 2018 and 2019, and in an appearance on MCW Backstage Pass he talked about how the Six-Man Tag Championships in ROH had a direct impact on AEW’s own Trios Championships.

“Myself, Moses, and Shane Taylor made six-man wrestling relevant again by a historic six-man title reign with the Ring of Honor six-man championships,” Kaun said. “Undefeated until the very end, but we held them for maybe 300 and something-odd days. So greatest six-man unit of all-time.”

He added, “They’ve never seen anybody like us before. So [we’re] in the history books, and that’s just surreal for me to even say. Like, for the rest of my life, our names are going to be cemented. Again, we made six-mans relevant again. AEW has their own Trios Titles, and I think it’s all because of what we did.”

AEW introduced the Trios Tag Team Championships in July. The Elite were the inaugural champions, with Death Triangle currently holding the titles.