Chris Jericho Asked For Action Andretti To Be Hired Back In The Fall Of 2022, Talks Making Andretti A Star In One Match

Posted By James Walsh on 01/24/23

Chris Jericho is quite proud of helping make Action Andretti a new star to keep an eye on in AEW.

The Ocho discussed this topic during his recent appearance on comedian Marc Marons WTF podcast, where he revealed some additional details about Andretti and when he came up with the idea to put over a jobber and turn him into a solidified name. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says he had the idea to have the match with Action Andretti back in the fall of 2022:

We did something, just a few weeks ago. I saw this kid back in October. Good looking kid, pretty agile, and I said, Lets do an interview with him. He was a good talker. I said, Lets hire him, but keep him at home, I have an idea. Action Andretti. Two or three weeks ago, I lost my title, and now Im going to have a tune-up match against some jobber and Im going to get back on track.

How much Andretti got over by beating Jericho in his debut match:

This kid comes out, we have a match, and Im treating him like a jobber, a squash match. Throwing him around, he gets no offense, people are chanting, Lets go jobber. Theyre behind it and laughing along. Hit him with my finisher. One, two, he kicks out. People are like, Oh shit. Then the buzz starts going. Whats going to happen now? Weve never seen this guy on TV, ever. Then, we continue forward and suddenly, he gets me again. He hits me with this and that. Boom, boom, boom, hit me with a move. One, two, three. He wins. Crowd goes f***ing crazy. Hes running around, slapping hands, people are going nuts. Its one of the greatest moments weve had in AEW history because no one knew this guy, and by the end, we made a new star. It doesnt hurt me to lose, and we made this guy. Its about making stars and making people react. No one wouldve guessed he was going to win.