Mickie James Invites Mercedes Mon To IMPACT, Praises Mercedes For Her Passion For Wrestling

Posted By James Walsh on 01/24/23

Mickie James still has dream opponents, and Mercedes Mon (fka Sasha Banks in WWE) is at the top of the list.

The IMPACT Superstar and current reigning Knockouts Champion discussed her love of The Boss during a recent interview with Sescoops, where she praised Mercedes for having an incredible passion for pro-wrestling, then reminds fans that the two have never had a singles match against each other. Check out full highlights from the champs interview below.

Says she is very excited to see what Mercedes does away from WWE:

Im excited for her. The world is her oyster. She can literally do whatever she wants. I think any company would benefit from having her on their roster. Shes a star. The fact that she doesnt need to be on a roster because she could go act or she could go do a lot of things, it shows that she has a genuine passion for wrestling, and shes great.

How shes never had a singles match with Mercedes and wants her to come to IMPACT:

Ive never had a singles match with Sasha. I would really, really love to have a singles match with Mercedes.I love her. I have so much love and respect for her. I think shes incredible. Im excited to watch her journey, I really am. Im excited because I feel like she has an opportunity now to do it her way, and she wanted to a lot of things, and now she gets to go do them. She can go test herself against whoever she wants to and show up everywhere. Thats what I hope, she shows up everywhere. Come on over to IMPACT.