Thunder Rosa Aiming To Get Better At Promos For AEW Return, Wants To Face Athena

Posted By James Walsh on 01/30/23

Thunder Rosa is not only ready to return to AEW, but she has set certain goals for herself to assure she appears on television more often.

La Mera Mera recently appeared on Steven’s Wrestling Journey to discuss this topic, as well as reveal one opponent she’s really looking forward to clashing with once she gets cleared to return. Rosa has been out action since last September and was forced to relinquish the AEW Women’s Championship.

Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says one of her goals when she returns is to get better at promos:

A goal I have when I return, I want to get better at promos, so I can be on TV more. I’m taking some acting classes, actually. Acting classes, singing classes, and I want to show the world that I’m multi-talented. I do radio, I want to do TV, I want to do music and use all of that into my character.

Hopes to clash with Athena under the AEW banner:

One person I haven’t wrestled at AEW is Athena. Athena and I could have some banger matches. In Mexico, it’s Sarah Stock, Sarita, who was a coach in WWE. She is my dream match and I know she’s wrestling now.