Bull Buchanan On How His Son Brooks Jensen Got Involved In Wrestling & Joined WWE

Posted By James Walsh on 03/17/23

Bull Buchanan’s son is busy in NXT as Brooks Jensen, and Buchanan recently talked about how Jensen got involved in wrestling and joined WWE. Buchanan was a guest on the Insider’s Edge Podcast and discussed his son’s longtime love of the business, how he first got involved in the business and more. You can check out a couple of highlights below:

On Jensen’s longtime love of wrestling: “Ben has been in love with this business since he was a little kid. All these years, the indie shows, stuff like that, he’s always went with me.”

On Jensen getting involved in wrestling: “He did most of it he got himself. I made him go out and contact promoters I made him do it all, you know, kind of a grassroots kind of thing. But he had himself booked every weekend. And I think it was 2019, Evolve had a show in Atlanta and William Regal was doing a seminar beforehand. And I really didn’t do it, it was all him. He contacted them, he was working in a small feed mill over here in in town we live in, part-time job after school. And he saved up his money, I think it was $200. Paid to go to the seminar, and I just kinda hung out, you know. Of course, I wanted to see how he did.

“But while he was in the ring, William Regal came over. Because we had known each other for a long time, and always had a good relationship. So we sat and talked, and he asked me, ‘You know, would he be interested in coming down there?’ And I said, ‘Sure he would, but really my idea was for him to continue to work the indies, and maybe get him over to Japan to work, spend a few months in a dojo there.’ I wanted him to be well-rounded, you know? I really kind of saw him maybe getting a shot with ROH or Impact or something smaller, and kind of preparing for the WWE.”

On when Jensen signed with WWE: “When COVID hit, [it] pretty much just you know threw a monkey wrench into everything. But Regal actually contacted me in November and said, ‘Hey, we’d like to bring Ben in. I know you wanted him to get some more experience and go to Japan.’ But I think at the time his son [Charlie Dempsey] was over in Japan, and they weren’t doing any more visas. Everything was kind of shut down. So he said, ‘We’ll go ahead and bring him in.’ And I said, ‘Well, give him a call. See what he says.’ I wish I knew what the answer would be. And he went down and had to try out. And you know, I guess the rest is history.”