Tony Khan Rants on Anti-AEW Fans Online, Says Fridays Are When He Corrects the Record Via Twitter, More

Posted By James Walsh on 03/18/23

AEW President Tony Khan had another interesting Friday night on Twitter this week.

Cubsfan, who has been covering lucha libre for many years, tweeted on his @luchablog account about users who just write, “who?” in response to various posts about someone else. Khan responded to the random post and went off about anti-AEW fans.

Cubsfan wrote, “you’re not expected to know who everyone is, i know a lot of people and there still are others i’m learning about every day but also if you have the time to type ‘who?’, and click post you also have the time to google. posting ‘who?’ is just waving a ‘I’m a goof, ignore me” flag.”

Khan responded, “They aren’t doing it to be genuine. A large % of those replies aren’t from real people, a lot of them are accounts that upon inspection seem to only exist to question and rip AEW and most of their other content seems to be a cover story to justify the existence of these accounts.”

Khan then posted a follow-up tweet to continue ranting on anti-AEW fans.

“One of my favorite bits they do is when they claim they used to love AEW in the old days, but not anymore, yet when you dig into their old posts, there’s nothing positive on AEW ever. Yes, I’m sure you all used to be great fans despite no evidence of that whatsoever. #AEWRampage,” he wrote.

A fan asked if anyone has “ever been this perpetually online before?,” and Khan responded with a reminder of how long he’s been following pro wrestling online.

“I’ve been online since the Grandstand Wrestling Forum on dial-up America Online. #AEWRampage tonight,” Khan wrote.

Khan earlier mentioned how he often takes Friday nights to correct the record on Twitter. This exchange began when a fan asked Dave Meltzer if wrestlers, presumably in WWE, are still paying for their own car rentals and hotels. Meltzer responded and said it’s taken care of for overseas tours, but not domestically. The tweet from Meltzer was made back on Saturday, March 11 around midnight.

“Overseas it’s taken care of. Domestic they still pay for cars and hotels,” Meltzer wrote.

Khan responded and said Meltzer was wrong as that may be the case for other companies, but he makes a huge weekly investment in hotel rooms for talent, while the company also spends millions each year on hotels and transportation for the wrestlers.

“That’s false Dave. Your statement’s true about other companies but doesn’t apply at all to AEW. AEW invests millions of dollars every year on very good quality hotel rooms + safe transport to take care of our wrestlers. It’s a huge investment I make on hotels weekly #AEWRampage,” Khan wrote.

A fan joked with Khan that Meltzer’s account had been hacked, but Khan apparently did not get the joke.

Khan wrote back, “That may be, but he wrote that before he got hacked, and tonight is Friday night, when I often correct the record on things I find to be inaccurate before #AEWRampage on @TNTdrama.”

Several AEW stars responded to Khan’s tweet on covering expenses, including Dax Harwood, Kip Sabian, Alex Abrahantes, Madison Rayne, and referee Bryce Remsburg. You can see their tweets below.

Khan continued arguing with one fan, who has since deleted their posts, but it was clear Khan didn’t quite understand what Meltzer was saying when he said “domestic” in the original post.