Could Vince McMahon Be Behind Bray Wyatt's Sudden Removal from WWE TV?

Posted By James Walsh on 03/18/23

Bray Wyatt returned to WWE last fall as part of Triple H's mass hiring of talent Vince McMahon released because he saw nothing in. Complete with QR codes and teasers that made it painfully obvious who was returning, the drawn out return of Bray Wyatt was still a raging success for the first little while. But, after a few wonky turns and a match Mountain Dew probably asked for a refund on (that's a joke, I have nothing to support that theory) after sponsoring it at the Royal Rumble, Bray entered into a feud with Bobby Lashley after Brock Lesnar refused to be the next person involved in Bray's drawn out feuds.

A new report has confirmed that Vince McMahon was back at the gorilla position at recent TV tapings and while the talent coming back have approached Triple H who also shares the position with Vince, Vince has apparently not engaged the talent directly and seems to be in deep thought on his phone conversations. This feels weird - Likd of like Benghazi being about a YouTube video or that COVID was started by a guy biting a bat. In other words, this sounds like a story with too many holes in it to hold water.

Bray Wyatt vanished from WWE TV with some people claiming he's "injured" but no one can explain what the injury is or when it happened because he barely ever wrestles. Of course, gym injuries and freak accidents always could happen. But, you don't often hear about them. Cody's torn peck being the noteworthy exception.

On top of that, Top Dolla being pushed as a joke and squashed and his stable has had herky jerking booking going from babyfaces to heels for no reason other than his lack of ability to hit the flying move he botched in epic fashion a few months back. Of course, they were brought back as part of that "We f***ed up" movement by Triple H only to find out every single person brought back failed to capture their magic. Speaking of not capturing their magic, Karrion Kross has gone from feuding with top talent like Drew McIntyre and Rey Mysterio to being inconsequential on the show and is largely responsible for Kofi Kingston's recent severe injury. Kross and Scarlett were two more Vince McMahon released talents Triple H brought back who have failed to capture the magic or create excitement about themselves.

The simple fact is that if you look through the trees to see the forest, you can see Vince McMahon's fingerprints are clearly all over the build to the Showcase of the Immortals including with the return of John Cena to face Vince's favorite prodigy Austin Theory. The question remains, how long can WWE pretend Vince isn't involved in creative? How long will we buy their Behgnazi YouTube or COVID bat story? Or, will we hear the truth sooner rather than later?