"All Systems Go" for AEW to Debut Collision in Chicago, a Reporter Says

Posted By James Walsh on 05/23/23

As previously noted, AEW officially confirmed the new weekly Collision show for Saturday nights but there was no mention of CM Punk despite rumors of him being the show’s focal point. There was a report that Daily’s Place in Jacksonville is being considered as a “backup plan” for the first episode of Collision if CM Punk isn’t going to appear at the United Center in Chicago, IL.

While appearing on Hausofwrestling.com’s podcast, Fightful.com’s Righteous Reg noted the following about the rumor…

“So, we’re all under the impression that CM Punk was gonna be the leader of this show, and then immediately it’s like, ‘Oh, well, actually, maybe he might not be,’” he began. “And then some fake rumors come out about Daily’s Place, and the United Center, and all this stuff going on but it seems as though, we’re all systems go. Tomorrow, they should be announcing that they’re going to have the first collision at the United Center.”

“I went myself in search for the answer to this, and there was nothing to that rumor. That’s just some random person online getting to Dave Meltzer, and kind of getting this rumor started up. That’s a nothing rumor.”