Carmella Talks Eventually Returning To The Ring After She Has Her Baby: “I’m Really Looking Forward To That Challenge”

Posted By James Walsh on 05/23/23

Carmella opens up about her pregnancy.

The WWE star and former SmackDown Women’s Champion spoke with The Messenger about this very topic, and went into detail about how nervous she was about the pregnancy being real as she’s had some miscues in the past. When the conversation came up about her eventually returning to the wrestling ring, Carmella had this to say.

I love working for WWE, I love performing and it’s just such a passion of mine. I’ve done it for 10 years so it’s so crazy to be away from it. To have a baby and then go back to work in an area that’s just so physical and so demanding — I’m really looking forward to that challenge.

The Princess of Staten Island adds that she’s never felt sexier after years of judging herself and her body.

I’ve always had to be in such tip-top performance shape for the whole ten years of my life and put so much pressure on myself. It is hard to see your body change. But I will say I never felt sexier, growing this child inside of me.