Saraya on Potentially Working With Mercedes Mone Again, Her Comeback Journey

Posted By James Walsh on 05/25/23

The New York Post recently spoke to AEW star Saraya ahead of Double or Nothing and discussed what she’s had to overcome to stage her wrestling comeback. She also discussed potentially working with her former WWE colleague Mercedes Mone (formerly Sasha Banks) again. Mone delivered the kick to Saraya that caused the injury which temporarily halted her in-ring career for several years. Below are some highlights:

Her thoughts on AEW Collision: “There are so many talented women that are not being utilized as of right now. It’s gonna be a big show. You are gonna have huge talent on this show.”

Saraya on potentially working with Mercedes Mone again: “That’s only if Mercedes would want to do that. I would want to do whatever she’s comfortable with. That really affected her mental health and I would want her to go through with that. I’m not saying she said no or anything like that. I’m just thinking about how I would feel.”

On what she’s been able to overcome: “It’s such a huge journey to go through and come out of. It was very publicized the stuff I went through and just to come out of that and get my career back and have such a wonderful boyfriend and wonderful community and family. I just felt very, very grateful at that moment. I’m inspiring people by getting over addiction, having endometriosis, having scoliosis where my spine is wonky as s—t, having bad relationships. Just getting over and getting out of that bad moment. Then also the [sex] tapes, those come out. I could have been so much worse. Just overcoming that and reminding people you can get through it, too.”

Mercedes Mone has recently been wrestling for NJPW. She suffered an ankle injury earlier this week at NJPW Strong Resurgence in the main even title match against AEW star Willow Nightingale. On Sunday, Saraya’s Outcasts stablemate Toni Storm will be competing against Jamie Hayter for the AEW Women’s World Championship at Double or Nothing.