THE RANT: Don't Laugh at Billy Corgan! The NWA's Loss Damages Pro Wrestling as a Whole!

Posted By James Walsh on 11/11/23

The wrestling world, especially the smart wrestling world, is enjoying a chuckle at the expense of Billy Corgan and the NWA right now. To quote another rock star, Alice Cooper, in a song called Teenage Frankinstein, "I ain't one of the crowd, I ain't one of the boys." And, I'm not laughing.

When Billy Corgan purchased the NWA in 2017, he had an idea that ballooned into something pretty special for a while. The classic blue ring with the yellow logo was very nostalgic to see and while they have gotten away from that look a little bit and, I dare suggest, lost a little bit of quality in production since the pandemic slammed the door on some of their momentum, I still get that nostalgic feeling with their presentation of pro wrestling and that I credit Corgan for being able to create.

The simple fact is that everybody has a bad idea that they have to try. Sometimes that idea is grand in your mind but when you try to put it into action, you find out the idea was never going to work. Think of it as a guy who has a girlfriend and he's managed to get that girlfriend in bed for a traditional roll in the hay. In that guy's head will live thoughts about what else he can do with said girl. Is she kinky enough to welcome her hot female friend into the hay with them? Would she be offended if he tried to find out if she would allow him to go 'round the world, if you catch my drift? All of these are ideas a guy who is getting what he wants and needs already will have and the result, usually, is rejection at various degrees. For example, "Do you find my friend more attractive than me?" in response to the first idea or a slap to the face as a virtual "no rear entry" sign to the second idea. But, still, the idea had to be tried to figure out boundaries. And, if the girl was into either or both of those ideas, imagine the fun he would have!

Corgan's cocaine idea for Father James Mitchell was likely the idea he had as a "holy shit" moment for the show. I do not know if it was going to lead to funny video packages of Mitchell's coked up visions or actions or if it was simply to say, "We're the NWA! We aren't PG!" Regardless, the CW Network seemingly rejected Corgan's boundary testing idea. In other words, he isn't getting a 3 way and they invited him to take the Hershey Highway to Hell...

The failure of the NWA to secure the CW deal, and we haven't confirmed that they have totally lost it but recent suggestions indicate it might end up on the CW streaming app and not Their over-the-air TV network, is bad for pro wrestling. I don't find humor in things that are bad for pro wrestling.

The NWA presents a show that is quality wrestling. And, while it isn't as clear of a vision as it was pre-pandemic and before simple things like Dave Langana threw a woke hissy fit over a joke Jim Cornette told that snowflakes got butt-hurt about, the overall vision has remained clear as a classic pro wrestling presentation with a new flare. And, logical booking. That kind of wrestling presented on network American television could help change the video game style wrestling we see today into a wrestling industry that resembles, in some form, what we all fell in love with. The NWA losing this opportunity means that won't happen. WWE's yellow brand will now take over on CW Network instead and their slow, plodding, boring presentation of wrestling that some fans are conditioned to believe is good without the ability to verbalize a reason why because it would involve quoting someone else's viewpoint and not their own will be consumed by the same fans that would watch it on USA Network while ensuring no one will see anyone but WWE's flavor on yet another outlet.

Billy Corgan is a musical success story. He did achieve that success by taking chances and having ideas in his head that he thought would work and that landed. I'm not much of a Smashing Pumpkins fan but I respect his vision and success in music. He had a bad idea. A costly, stupid, childish, ill-timed bad idea that he is paying the price for. But, this one bad idea shouldn't be punch line fodder for so-called wrestling fans seemingly celebrating a negative to the entire industry. WWE's success in being on every single major outlet is a threat to the future of pro wrestling. streaming sites are for people who know exactly what they want to find. And, wrestling isn't it. But, if your wrestling show comes on right after the nightly news or even right before it, people will actually be exposed to it and some of those people might even like it. If NWA ends up on the CW app, it is like going on YouTube from WISH. And, it won't succeed. I think everyone knows that.... Especially WWE.