Rumors on Tonight's AEW Signing at Full Gear

Posted By James Walsh on 11/18/23

There are rumors starting to spread around about various names who could be the new AEW signing revealed tonight at the Full Gear PPV. Below is a list of names based on rumors and our view on their likelihood.

- Will Ospreay - We feel this is likely the person and would also be the biggest disappointment. He has appeared for AEW before and has recently worked a myriad of Impact Wrestling shows. He woldn't be shocking. though he would bring a great level of talent to the table.
- Ronda Rousey - She made her ROH debut last night which is odd considering ROH isn't even on TV. Because she worked a non TV show set for Honor Club, we think she probably isn't signed to AEW yet and won't be the signee. But, if she is, she's a metaphore for AEW's fan view. Much like the debut of AEW, Rousey's flaws and lack of direction or even appreciation for the history of wrestling were overlooked because she was exciting and new and, in her case, a big star. Once people got familiar with her, they realized that the #kayfabekiller having "fake fights" wasn't a slip of the tongue. It is how she views wrestling.
- Dolph Ziggler - His non-compete, if traditional, would expire at the end of December. So, it probably won't be him unless WWE, due to their respect for his work, let him out early. Them doing anything to help anyone but themselves seems unlikely.
- Bill Goldberg - Goldberg is represented by the same agents who represent Chris Jericho and members of the Elite. His retirement tour went up in smoke earlier this year and he could want to come to AEW to have one last run and a retirement match. We don't think that would be the case as he is a big man wrestler and most of AEW's roster is smaller so he would have to work with a lot of guys that would've been more suited for the WCW cruiserweight division than the actual stars. But, that is nto to say it wouldn't be huge. It would.
- Mercedes Mone - She's still injured but WWE fans bought the line that she was the best female wrestler in the world for a period of time with no evidence to back up that claim. She does still have a look and even without the Sasha Banks name, an "it" factor that would certainly help AEW's sluggish women's division.

Of course, it could be Shelton Benjamin for the exact same reason as Dolph Ziggler. The same could also go for Mustafa Ali. We'll find out soon.