Maxwell Jacob Friedman Retains AEW World Championship Against "Switchblade" Jay White at Full Gear

Posted By James Walsh on 11/18/23

AEW World Championship
MJF (C) vs. Jay White
It's main event time!

The injured Adam Cole is not the real AEW World Champion, but instead representing the real AEW World Champion, MJF, due to his injury, for his scheduled match against the man who technically has the championship belt, Jay White. Confusing, ain't it?

The commentators bring everyone up to speed on what went down on the pre-show with MJF being taken out in an ambulance, and Adam Cole vowing to fight on his behalf tonight. Adam Cole's theme hits first and "The Dapper Yapper" Justin Roberts introduces him.

Adam Cole comes out on crutches to a huge pop from the California crowd. He does his usual ring entrance routine as best as he can on one wheel, and in street clothes with his leg braced up. The Bullet Club Gold entrance takes place next, with Jay White coming out accompanied by The Gunns for this main event title tilt.

It looks like the match is about to begin, and Jay White lays down and pretends he's going to let Cole pin him. He laughs and pops up and it's about time to get this one off-and-running. Before we do, however, we hear sirens and then on the big screen we see an ambulance making its' way into the building.

The ambulance is being driven by MJF, who apparently stole the ambulance according to the commentators and brought it to the Kia Forum to fight on one leg. The defiant AEW World Champion emerges from the ambulance and heads into the ring, relieving Adam Cole of his fill-in duties, as the crowd goes wild.

Now the bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with our AEW World Championship main event here at AEW Full Gear 2023. The fans chant about MJF being their scumbag as White easily dominates the early offense, taking it to MJF. He sends him out to the floor where The Gunns get in some cheap shots, as if White didn't have a big enough advantage already.

This happens a few more times and finally the referee catches on and ejects them from ringside, which puts a big giant smile on the face of MJF's brochacho, Adam Cole. White still controls the offense for a while after they leave, however Friedman eventually starts to fight back into competitive form.

MJF takes over as the crowd goes wild. He repeatedly bashes White's head into the turnbuckle and then climbs up on him for the ten-punch in the corner spot as the crowd counts along with each shot that lands. We see Adam Cole cheering MJF on from ringside as MJF plays to the crowd inside the Kia Forum.

Friedman calls for a kangaroo kick and he hits it, knocking White out to the floor. He sells his own leg after, but fights through it. Cole shouts some instructions to MJF from ringside, but it doesn't work out as planned, as White comes back into the ring and dropkicks the injured leg of the champ and takes back over control of the match as the fans loudly boo.

White dumps MJF over his head and the champ crashes and burns awkwardly on the floor at ringside. White taunts him and Cole from in the ring and then heads out to deliver more punishment, but MJF begins fighting back. He decks White and starts clearing off the commentary desk as the fans come alive.

MJF puts White through the commentary desk and then climbs up to the top-rope. He leaps off and connects with a flying elbow smash, but bounces off the thin mat covering the solid floor and begins selling his leg as Adam Cole looks on in horror. The ref counts as both men are down and out, while Cole is continued to be shown on camera looking horrified.

The champ comes to life just in time to keep this match alive, and he rolls White back into the ring. He heads back in after him but stops and clutches his injured leg. The fans try and rally behind him with loud "He's our scumbag!" chants. White fights back and hits a dragon-screw in the ropes on MJF, further adding to his injured leg.

They both head to the top-rope where White connects with an insane Avalanche Urinagi for a super close near fall attempt. MJF hulks-up but White snatches him up and looks for his Bladerunner finisher. MJF avoids it. White goes for it again moments later but again the champ manages to avoid it. MJF hits a tombstone piledriver and it hurts his own bad leg.

We see MJF fight back and look for his Heatseeker in the ropes, but White counters it. MJF sprints at White and leaps over the ropes, connecting with a cutter on the way down on White on the floor. Wow. MJF pulls his knee pad down and smacks his injured knee to try and beat it back to life. Cole shouts encouragement to the champ as he looks ready to finish this one off.

MJF goes to pick up White, but ends up collapsing on his own due to his leg. The ref comes over to check on him and he calls for a doctor. Friedman insists on continuing, and slaps away at his own hurt knee again as the crowd comes to life and rallies behind him.

White goes back to work on his bum wheel and spits at Cole at ringside before locking MJF in a figure-four leg lock. MJF screams in pain. Adam Cole has a towel and considers throwing it in. MJF struggles but eventually fights back and turns the hold over, putting the pressure on White's legs. After this, the ref gets bumped.

White ends up dragon-screwing his injured leg again. On the floor, we see Cole has MJF’s Dynamite diamond ring, and MJF wants it, but White ends up with it. Before he can use it, however, Friedman blasts him with a low blow and now he has the ring. The Gunns come out but MJF decks them with the ring.

He turns into a Bladerunner attempt from White, but he sneaks in a ring shot to White as well to avoid it. He goes for the cover and gets the 1-2-3 to retain. He and Adam Cole have a special moment in the ring after the hard-fought victory. They head up the ramp together and are hugging on the top of the stage as the AEW Full Gear 2023 pay-per-view goes off the air on that note. Thanks for joining us!