Buff Bagwell's Recent Arest Could Cause Serious Jail Time

Posted By James Walsh on 11/19/23

Former WCW star Marcus "Buff" Bagwell recently uploaded a video on YouTube discussing his latest arrest. According to the arrest report from the Georgia Gazette, Bagwell was apprehended for DUI. However, Bagwell asserts that he has maintained 446 days of sobriety.

In the video, Bagwell explains the challenges of handling emotions without the aid of substances, stating that it forces one to confront these feelings directly. He admits that since becoming sober, his temper has become more problematic, leading to issues during his participation in a DUI program.

Bagwell mentions an incident at the Dallas airport where he failed to record his location, which, combined with his temper issues, led to misunderstandings about a relapse. However, he clarifies that what actually occurred was "a DUI court sanction." He acknowledges the difficulty he faces in managing his temper for the first time.

Despite these challenges, Bagwell emphasizes that he has not relapsed and remains sober. He expresses gratitude towards Diamond Dallas Page, Steve Yu, and the DDP Yoga team for their support in overcoming a 20-year addiction and aiding his return to fitness.