Booker T Feels It Isn't the Right Time for The Rock versus Roman Reigns

Posted By James Walsh on 02/08/24

During his podcast, WWE personality and NXT announcer Booker T discussed The Rock seemingly taking Cody Rhodesí spot against Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 40Ö

ďYou know me, Iím not about booking the show or anything, but I gotta talk about it. I said [when] The Rock came back, how could you not do it? So Iím not gonna sit here and say, ĎOh, I donít know.í Iím not gonna do that. Iím just gonna tell you exactly the way I feel and the way I think things went down. Let me just go back. I feel like the timingís off, okay. I feel like the match, Roman, Rock, thatís something that the people, damn it, theyíre gonna want to see it when they see it, alright. But the timing is off because Cody won the Royal Rumble. So you donít get a chance to call your shot and then say, ĎHere.í [Gestures as if heís giving it away] Thatís hard for anybody, I mean a lay person, to swallow. Itís almost like saying, hey, I got a lottery ticket, but Iím gonna give it to someone. Iím not gonna book the match or anything, but I do feel like the match with Roman/Rock can still happen, but maybe something have to happen as well. Because you donít want to go into WrestleMania with the fans feeling a certain way about a match before it ever happens. Thatís just me. I could be wrong about that. If Cody wouldnít have won the Royal Rumble, it might be a totally different story. The fans may feel a totally different way. Would they be pissed off Cody didnít win the Royal Rumble? Probably. But I think doing it this way, it almost puts yourself in a corner. But one thing Iíve always had the faith in is WWE trying to figure its way out of that corner and make the fans go, ĎMan, damn it.í So Iím thinking like that as well. Right now, it may look like weíre in a little pickle, but I think at the end of the day, I think it could really be corrected and make the fans get even more out of their money, seriously.Ē

ďHey man, like I said, itís a match that you canít let pass by. If The Rock can do it now, letís get him in there. I donít know if this is all because of the changes and whatnot because Iím not privy to that information. Iím not looking at that information as well. But I do feel like fans, at the end of the day, their voices, a lot of times, they have to be heard, especially going into a situation like this, which is WrestleMania, the biggest event of the year. We donít want any hiccups, we donít want any mishaps going into WrestleMania. Thatís just me speaking as a promoter. But I do feel like it can be fixed, it can be rectified. We can find some common ground and get there.Ē (quotes courtesy of Colin Tessier)