Scott D’Amore reportedly made an attempt to purchase TNA Wrestling before he was fired

Posted By James Walsh on 02/08/24

On Wednesday, it was announced that Scott D’Amore has been fired from his role as TNA Wrestling president. According to Mike Johnson of, the belief is that Scott D’Amore and Len Asper (head of Anthem) were not on the same page when it came to the future direction of TNA.

Johnson noted the following…

“The word making the rounds over the last day or so is that at some point in recent weeks, D’Amore approached Anthem with an offer to buy TNA outright from Anthem, said to have been backed by a letter with a major banking institution, but it was rebuffed. We have heard from some on the Anthem side that it was seen as a legitimate offer that was worthy of consideration, but the decision was made not to accept. If Anthem wanted to do away with TNA, they could have just sold it off to D’Amore or sought bids from WWE, AEW, etc. There’s been no evidence of that.”

Johnson was also told that D’Amore was aware of the change coming for at least a week if not longer. D’Amore’s departure was said to have not been a “shock firing” but rather something that was coming for weeks even if people within the company were surprised.