Damian Priest comments on not cashing in his WWE Money in the Bank contract yet

Posted By James Walsh on 02/10/24

During an interview with The West Sport Damian Priest commented on not cashing in his WWE Money in the Bank contract yetÖ

ďWell obviously, Iím based on Raw and being that Seth Rollins is the champion unfortunately heís not medically cleared, so I canít cash in right now because officially he canít be in a match. So I kinda have to just wait until heís cleared or you know, if I find myself on the other show, itíd be different, but that champion isnít around all the time either.Ē

ďItís one of those things about me binding my time. I still have until July 1st, I have plenty of time, so Iím just, I donít want to risk doing something I shouldnít, you know. Like you said, five times Iíve attempted but didnít cash in. Iíd rather that than a failed cash in, right? So Iím just being extra careful right now because this is not gonna go to waste. In my head, I have to become World Champion, whether itís on Raw or SmackDown. Either way, I have to become a major titleholder and I have to be extra careful about it. So I still have time and obviously we got WrestleMania coming up, and thatís always a good time around that. Whether it be Mania or the SmackDown before, the Raw after, itís always an exciting time, so you never know what could happen.Ē (quotes courtesy of WrestleTalk.com)