Giulia Suffered Broken Wrist At Marigold Event, Whether This Will Effect Her NXT Debut

Posted By James Walsh on 05/21/24

Bad news for international superstar Giulia.

The former multi-time champion suffered a broken wrist during Marigold’s Fields Forever event, where she teamed with Utami Hayashishita to take on Bozilla and Sareee. Marigold announced the injury news this morning on social media, adding that Giulia has been pulled from upcoming shows, including the Hana Kimura tribute show.

Giulia said at a press conference that she expects to be back to face Sareee at the July 13th event in Ryogoku. However, Giulia was slated to make her debut for WWE’s NXT brand later this summer. At this time, it is unknown if her debut will be delayed due to the injury as a broken wrist typically takes up to six weeks to heal.